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not only But Also句型

“北京不仅是一个有着悠久历史的中国的首都,而且是一个现代化的城市.”翻译: Beijing is not only the capital of China with a long history,but also a modern city. not only ,but also 这个句型用于表示“不仅,而且”也可以用于倒装句型. 倒装的时候,not only+倒装,but also+正常语序. 例如:Not only did I go to the park ,but also I went to the fobbiden City. 我不仅去过公园,我也去过北京故宫.

当not only…but also位于句首引出句子时,not only 后的句子通常用部分倒装形式.用法如下:1、连接两个不同形式的谓语:如果用not onlybut also对某一个人或者事物进行两次具有递进关系的描述,但两次描述的谓语形式不同,即用“be+表

1、In production, we demand not only quantity but also quality.我们的产品不但要求数量多,而且要求质量高.2、Drinking of tea not only can make myself happy but also can improve my memory.喝茶不但让我感觉快乐,而且还能提高记忆力.3、

使用not only … but also … 时须注意的几点:1. not only与but also后面所连接的词的词性必须对等:(1) Frankin was considered not only an inventor,but also a statesman. 富兰克林不仅被看作发明家,而且被看作政治家.(2) The nurse was not

主要用法就是谓语动词要遵循“就近一致原则”,Not only the students but also the teacher was invited. 不仅学生们被邀请,而且那位教师也被邀请了. --------------------- (以下为详细用法) “not only … but also …”是一个并列连词词组,其意思

1. not only … but also 应连接两个相对称的并列成分.例如: Not only Mr Lin but also his son joined the Party two years ago. (连接两个主语) I not only play tennis but also practise shooting. (连接两个谓语动词) He plays not only the piano but

not only does my life have too many hats, but also she has too many dressess.

看情况决定. 有时可以省,有时不可以省的. 如: Not only did he come but also she came.(主语不同,不能省略) Not only will they come to our school but (also) help us with our English.


复句和复合句不是一个概念,推荐答案的仁兄说的是从属句,从属句是复句的一种,复合句也是复句,复句还有并列句,not only but also是并列句,也就是复句…


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