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not only But Also用法9个

“not only … but also”的两种用法:1、not only … but also应连接两个相对称的并列成分.例如:Not only MrLin but also his son joined the Party two years ago.不仅是林先生,他的儿子也在两年前加入了该党.(连接两主语) He plays not only

找了一份很详细的分析,楼主慢慢看1.连接主语:Not only I but also Tom and Mary are fond of watching television.不仅我,而且汤姆和玛丽都喜欢看电视.由于not only A but also B句式的重点在B上,所以谓语动词一般要与B保持人称和数的一致

希望能帮到你.如果有问题,可以继续问我. not only ,but also 常跟两个并列的名词,代词,形容词等,如:He is not only clever but also hardworking.再如Not only you but also he likes English.(谓语就近原则,看he) Not only the grandparents

1.连接2个对等的关系(主语, 谓语, 宾语)2. 接谓语时, 采取就近原则.3. not only接句子, 句子的主谓要部分倒装

Not only did I help him to find his mother, but also bought a toy and send it to him. 翻译了你的那个句子 not onlybut also表示不仅又.. 放在句首的时候要用倒装,这个是有点难的语法

not only…but also…的用法用于连接两个表示并列关系的成分,着重强调后者,其意为“不仅……而且……”;其中的also有时可以省略.如:She not only plays well, but also writes music. 她不仅很会演奏,而且还会作曲.He not only writes his

注意啦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 主要用法就是谓语动词要遵循“就近一致原则”,Not only the students but also the teacher was invited. 不仅学生们被邀请,而且那位教师也被邀请了.

not only but also 不但而且..(连接并列成分或并列分句)1. Not only you but also he is going to the cinema this evening (并列主语)2.Not only he but also we are going to the cinema this evening (并列主语)3. He can speak not

but also: 而且;表示递进);不仅……而且…… 表强调 而且 Quizlet

Not only…but also是英语中较为常见的一个关联词组.由于它的用法比较复杂,本文拟对其用法及其使用中应注意的问题作一归纳.一、主要用法1.连接主语:Not only I but also Tom and Mary are fond of watching television.不仅我,而且汤姆和


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